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Data telling stories…shoes…formative assessment…micro-loans to support the global economy

When I first started sharing inforgraphics, one of the premises shared was about data telling a story. Enrico Bertini’s blog, Telling a story doesn’t tell the whole story,  provides a frame of reference on this topic.

New-to-me fact – Did you know that right and left shoes were thought up only a little more than a century ago?

Read a new blog focused on formative assessment  Learn more about the research behind formative assessment and the importance of Teacher Learning Communities.

A friend introduced me to Kiva a few years ago as a Christmas gift. This is the first year they have published the annual report online and the data graphics are great…as well as pretty interesting. If you are interested in micro loans to small businesses as a way to support the global economy, please take a look. You might even decide to give. I do regularly. If you decide to give, click here for a free trial . These free trials are financed by friends of Kiva, allowing the new lender to make one $25 loan free of charge.

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