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Digital Learning Tools by the hundreds

TeachThought is such a great resource. When I first bookmarked this post, 464 Digital Learning Tools to Sift Through on a Rainy Day, there were 434 digital learning tools – today there are 530. This list comes from Dale Borgeson and is one of the most extensive collections I have found.

Then if you are interested in iPad apps for education, check out these lists:
 *  100+ iPad Apps for education by Tim Bedley
 *  TCEA’s iPad Apps and iBooks – organized by level or content and indicates free or $
 *  For those of you using Pinterest, check out Mrs. Malespina’s Great Apps and All Thing Ipad board
 *  and finally (for now anyway), Chris Beyerle’s curation of BYOD Apps and Tools for the Classroom

I have to get myself one of these devices!


TeachThought’s mantra is simple: learn better.

Here is a great visual of 47 apps to consider – “In this quick-but-thorough image St. Oliver Plunkett laid out suggested apps for search, classroom management, storage, communication, video and multimedia, and image editing. The result is an excellent, easy-to-use quick-start guide for teachers and students alike getting started with iPads in the classroom.”

Here is another post – 50 Of The Best Resources On iPads In Education

And this post includes apps for struggling readers, struggling writers, and project-based learning.

All about Technology in Education

Douglas Rushkoff ‘s column on CNN speaks to the transformation of the role of higher education with the growth of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Some of his comments echo those we’ve heard other places – Education is about more than acquiring skills…subjects tend to be conveyed best in what might be considered their native environments…Online learning needs to cater to human users…

Is It Really Hip to Flip? in the current issue of THE Journal, offers teachers five questions to consider if they are thinking about employing the flipped classroom model. One of the questions asks teachers to consider the appropriateness of the flipped classroom for their students. Another is about the resources one would use.

The 10 Most Popular Writing Resources Being Used By Students provides insight into sites being used by both secondary and higher ed students. They range from WIKIPEDIA to BIGNERDS.com.

If you like the concept of word clouds and haven’t seen Tagxedo, you will probably want to add it to your toolkit. Word clouds can be directly created from URLs, Twitter and other online sources. Thanks to Barb for sharing this tool and using this blog to make a sample (smile).

Cellphones in the classroom – this is one topic I have engaged in for a decade. Heather Wolpert-Gawron’s comment about the debate being “superfluous and antiquated” is true and her picture of “collateral” for borrowed pencils says a lot. Heather charges us educators to “start using real life resources.” What’s your stance?

After reading this blog by Terry Heick, visually capturing ideas on an iPad doesn’t seem too hard, just something you might need to practice. Not having one may make it easy for me to say that. For those of you have an iPad, what do you think?

Angela Maiers combined two other posts to make her blog post about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology.


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