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Educational Technology

  • GeoGebra is free mathematics software for learning and teaching for all levels. This award-winning software supports geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus.
  • While the topic of OER (Open Educational Resources) is new for some and not for others, it is moving into mainstream education technology conversations. Achieve.org has some useful tools for evaluating the OERs you might find at OER Commons. If you are interested in learning a little more about this topic, check out the recent article in THE Journal.
  • David Thornburg is an interesting guy to listen to in person. My first exposure was listening to him talk about Campfires in Cyber Space oh so many years ago. It seems like he was talking learner centered education before many. This recent article in THE Journal finds him talking about “disruptive technology.” (See Disrupting Class by Christensen, Horn & Johnson.)
  • Yet another perspective on the Khan Academy and its role in educational reform. My wonder is how do you see Khan Academy relating to TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge)?



Infographics & Inquiry Learning

  • Watch this 6.5 min video about the distribution of wealth in US. It provides some interesting data for thought and conversation.
  • Found a couple of new blogs recently with a focus on infographics. Check out I Love Charts and This is Indexed.
  • Jessica Hagy illustrates for us How to Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps). My wondering is how we might use simple graphics in the classroom. How might we get students (or colleagues) to think beyond text?
  • In my online coaching course we used 6 Word Stories as part of introducing ourselves and building trust. This is an activity I will be using again – for getting to know folks and perhaps for formative assessment. Today I found 3 Word Stories.
  • Mind/Shift, the education blog from KQED (an NPR station) seems to have lots of interesting stories. This latest one – Creating Classrooms We Need: 8 Ways into Inquiry Learning – provides 8 steps from Diana Laufenberg’s recent TED Talk. Ideas 1-5 were of particular interest to me.

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