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New ideas about attention…thoughts on summer reading loss…virtual PE class

This week I found a new blog that fascinates me. Linda Stone names concepts I have turned over in my mind for years about attention. Linda does research on attention…”Attention is the most powerful tool of the human spirit. We can enhance or augment our attention with practices like meditation and exercise, diffuse it with technologies like email and Blackberries, or alter it with pharmaceuticals. In the end, though, we are fully responsible for how we choose to use this extraordinary tool.” She defines “continuous partial attention,” “attention density,” “ages of attention” and a few other terms new to me.

This concept from Alan Kay of Apple via Linda Stone is so intriguing to me — point of view is worth 80 IQ points — to consider when putting together a team or group to problem solve, brainstorm, reflect…

How to help kids avoid the summer reading loss – did you know as few as 4-5 books could to that? See what the Book Whisperer has to say.

You know how I advocate for video games in education – after a tornado, this physical education class goes “virtual.”

An infographic that shows what times of day are better for blogging

Creating data visualizations without software is challenging. The Miso Project has just released Dataset, a JavaScript library to help setup the foundation of any good data graphic.

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