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3 Ideas for Using Technology in Schools

CC image courtesy of Ian Kennedy on Flickr

CC image courtesy of Ian Kennedy on Flickr



Since 2006, I have been an advocate of teachers having students use cellphones (i.e. smartphones) in class as formative assessment tools. This post from Rowena Coetsee offers handfuls of ideas.

What if you offered an online experience for parents? A webinar about schedule changes that include a chat for parents to discuss it? An online chat during lunch (a brown bag) for parents who missed the meeting last night about the new report cards? Or what about a Twitter chat about using Twitter in the classroom?

These 8 Free Collaboration Tools for Educators are not only good for classroom use but should be considered for their potential for educators collaborating as well. Social Folders was particularly intriguing to me. If you’ve used it, let me know what some of the benefits are from your perspective.

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