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Formative Assessment from 3 Perspectives

Perspective 1: Formative Assessment Practice

Some of you know I blog for work. About 2 ½ years ago NWEA started a blog focused on formative assessment, which has since expanded to include other topics (assessment literacy, Common Core and early learning). Our perspective on formative assessment in this blog is that of formative assessment as a planned process involving all the players on the classroom learning team (teacher, student and peers). This practice of embedding formative assessment in the moment within instruction is going to prove to be critical pedagogy as we move to Common Core within the US.

One of my professional goals this year is the use of analogy so please check the posts on calling an audible and curling.

Perspective 2: Focused within Content

For years Paige Keeley and Deborah Ball have provided numerous content-specific uses of formative assessment (science and math, respectively) The International Reading Association asked me for a post to include in their In Other Words blog. My topic there is prediction as a formative assessment strategy. Prediction is a key component of reading comprehension and also has ramifications in other areas, including data conversations. Check out the post and tell us how you use prediction as formative assessment.

Perspective 3: Actionable Data

It’s a lot about how we use data – formatively or summatively – that helps clarify just how “actionable” it is. Most data can be used formatively and although that is true, some data has a limited shelf life, meaning it can on be used formatively for a short while. Data gathered by the classroom learning team on a continuous basis makes that data highly actionable, by all team members.

You may want to check out Ed Table Talk on January 14th to see where a conversation on “actionable data” goes.

After you check out these other perspectives, come back and add yours to the list.

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