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Connected Educator Month

For those of you wanting to know more about PLNs (Professional Learning Networks) – what, why, who, how – or using Twitter or moving from lurking in an online community to sharing, this is the month to jump in and discover. The US Department of Education is celebrating online communities of practice for educators. This event occurs annually during the month of October and engages educators across the world. Last night I was in a webinar of 20 people and 8 came from countries other than the US. What an opportunity to learn!

If you have tried anything new this month related to technology in education (yours or your students’), here are a few sites to help get you started.

Connected Educators: Learn more about the initiative and the resources. Find the event calendar for the month here. Sign up and be amazed with the email of daily opportunities to learn and interact with colleagues from around the world. The event calendar is here.

common sense media: If you need to narrow the focus of your participation this month, zero in on Digital Citizenship Week, October 21-25.  Learn more about how to engage your stakeholders in being “smart” online.

Edutopia has compiled a great resource list for the month to support novices through experts in the rapidly expanding world of PLNs.

For example, paper.li is a great way to find the latest news on a topic of interest to YOU. Imagine having a personalized newspaper delivered to you daily or weekly. One of my favorites is #Satchat Daily compiled by Brad Currie, a connected middle school dean. You might also be interested in his #Satchat Twitter chat for school leaders every Saturday morning 7:30-8:30 AM EST. Or you might be interested in the topic of assessment literacy and look for the Assessment Literacy Digest, which is a relatively new paper.

Or if you already spend time on Pinterest for more personal and fun interests (I like doors and travel, myself), consider expanding to look at things related to our profession. Follow Edutopia, for example. And by all means, check out a couple of my favorite communities – Powerful Learning Practice (PLPnetwork) and edWeb.

Oh, and hit me up on Twitter – @kdyer13. Looking forward to connecting with you!

Take a minute and share here what you are doing for CEM.

Glad to have you as part of my PLN!

A Focus on Leadership

While written from a business perspective, Jim Belosic offers 5 intriguing ideas about flat management. True, he has a small company (14) and yet his comments about management-level people having the opportunity to keep putting their skills to use made me think. So, too, did his comments about flat management as an employee screening tool and what implications those ideas might have in a school or district.

This thought-provoking blog by George Couros shares and connects to ideas from George Siemens. These connections include: mass collaboration and social networks; individual connection (which made me think of 1) Joe Girard’s Law of 250 – scroll down to #2, and 2) synchronicity); and how to create the spaces for these to occur.

I have been on Twitter for years and yet have few tweets. Learning curve and time are probably a big part of that equation. When I led a session one time on Web 2.0 tools, one of the topics that came up was how principals might use Twitter to engage their stakeholders and community. This blog by Alyssa Morones shares great examples of school and district leadership reaching out to their communities via Twitter.

Kyle Pace, in his blog Why do we follow? 5 Important Leadership Traits, talks about 4 traits I believe translate well to online learning and professional networking. Consider trusting, valuing, encouraging risk-taking and growth. How can we translate these to our PLNs (personal learning networks)?

The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools is making progress. This commentary is about both the leadership and humility necessary for turnaround work to succeed. They highlight 4 strategies they have focused on for turning around their schools: leadership, effective teaching, target student supports and family and community engagement. What are they doing that is working well?

From the Godfather to Geotagging…

Did you catch the 5 essential leadership lessons in the Godfather? Read it to believe it.

  1. Build a powerful community
  2. Hold people accountable.
  3. Don’t get emotional.
  4. Be decisive. 
  5. Spend time with your family. (Oh, and Anne and Sue, I hear “balance.”)

This interview with Amy Astley, editor in chief of Teen Vogue describes her leadership experiences, style and some lessons learned – and she talks about a “benevolent dictatorship.”  

Stealing from one of the world’s fastest shrinking glaciers  – ice cubes for sale.

The mobile device future in the classroom – more about cellphones…and then the bigger picture – how do we change pedagogy? What is the impact on student achievement? On learning?   

I admit it, I had not thought about kindergarteners Tweeting their learning log to their parents…and it is such cool version of a learning log (formative assessment technique).

Who knew fantasy band camp could help CEOs get better, let alone even existed?

Thoughts about protecting us from the time when the sky really does start falling  

An app and an online service to help you pay attention to the image perceived from your use of social media  

Back in the mid-90s, I bought a whole notebook for learning how to brainstorm. Who knew I needed it? What I learned is we assume folks (even kids) know how to do this. We don’t. I love the personas given to a brainstorm facilitator in this article

Geotagging articles in Wikipedia leads to a fascinating picture of those whose “voices” are “heard” on the Internet. The mapping tool is utterly fascinatingand slightly scary at the same time. How DO we get all the voices in the room?

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