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What’s out there in LETOIS?

Did you read Malcolm Gladwells’ Tipping Point? Remember the section about the “Law of the Few” and how “things” spread? Gladwell talks about 3 types of people – salesmen, those who persuade us;  connectors, those who link us up; and mavens,the information specialists. When I read this piece, it was such a relief to know that my behaviors over the years have been named – connector and maven.

It probably started when I was in my early 20s – cutting articles out of the newspaper to share, ripping pages from magazines to refer to later, clipping cartoons to include in lessons, mailing (envelope and stamp – pre-WWW and home computers) articles and pictures to friends with short notes. This behavior carried over to the dawn of the Internet and email. Years ago I started an education blog (then again more recently one on eye issues). Wikis from me exist, along with a Twitter account, Facebook page, Delicious tags, Pinterest boards, Goodreads bookshelves and Linkedin profile. Some of these are obviously more “current” than others (time!). And it really helps when I don’t lose track of all my URLs, logins and passwords (and I even tried Last Pass).

As a true connector and maven, I feel a need for a mechanism to share all the interesting information (and stuff) that I encounter. This blog will focus on 4 topics – Leadership, Education, Technology and Other Interesting Stuff. Knowing that really doesn’t sound focused, you will just have to take my word for it. 😉

We learn more by … collaborating, exploring, discovering, expanding, growing… Your comments, questions, additions are eagerly anticipated. Please help us all learn more about What’s out there in LETOIS!



PS LETOIS can be pronounced “le toys” 😉

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