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Common Core Toolkit for Principals

Gerald Aungst, Supervisor of Gifted and Elementary Mathematics at the School District of Cheltenham Township, is creating some great resources for principals to assist in the transition to Common Core. “Each month, I will prepare a four-part package of resources and activities they can use both for their own professional development and as part of faculty meetings with their staff members. The four parts each month will be:
1. Think: a warm up article, blog post, or video to set the stage for a faculty discussion
2. Share: two activities principals can use with staff members during the month in faculty or team meetings
3. Test Drive: A key instructional practice that teachers can try out in their classrooms without expectations
4. Explore: Links to other resources with more information for those who want to dig deeper”

While geared to his district, I believe others will find these useful and adaptable.

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