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Online Communication

Elementary principal Peter DeWitt talks about media – pictures and video – as a way to engage parents in communication about school happenings. Knowing that everyone does not have the same access to technology should not limit our risk-taking with this venture. We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a 1000 words and we know parents love to see what happens in a classroom when they are not present.

One of my former classmates blogs to communicate with his parent community. You’ll notice Joe Terch uses links to other sites, video clips and pictures. About 4 years ago I led a session on Web. 2.0 tools and one principal decided to Tweet at the beginning and end of most school days, just to let parents know what they missed so they wouldn’t miss it.

As part of an online course I took this winter, I had to make a video to establish my “online voice.” This post by Ceren Cubukcu talks about “personal branding.” What she offers here has relationship to what we are doing when we work on our PLNs (Personal Learning Networks).

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