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Infographics – Brooklyn, TV Shows, Pinterest, Public Employee

This interactive map of Brooklyn, which shows the history of development of the borough from the oldest buildings (green) to the newer ones (dark red) for 320,000 buildings, is very interesting. Imagine the conversations in classes about history, sociology, architecture and economics.

GEOS (Global Episode Opinion Survey) has a polling tool that allows its members to rank TV shows by how much they enjoy individual episodes. That data are then plotted over time. When I first looked at the interactive tool to see the average ranking of different shows over time, I thought the list was heavy on science fiction. Then I checked out the GEOS site and learned it is.

Check out Mark Anderson’s post about Pinterest in education. Just last week I was posting in one of my PLNs (Personal Learning Networks) that making students thinking visible via Pinterest could have real value in the classroom. Mark has shared an infographic about Pinterest in education that is insightful. How might or do you use Pinterest in your class or school? Share some ideas here please.

So the title of this infographic caught my attention in an article – Highest-Paid Public Employees. The graphic itself was somewhat of a surprise. Take a minute and make a prediction of who you think it might be in your state AND which job title you think is most common as the highest paid. One clue – 50 % of states have the same job as the highest paid.

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