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For some reason I really want to take a quantum physics course – have for a while now. It seemed like a MOOC might be a way to do that. One thing I discovered and explored was this massive list of potential courses. And while I haven’t found the course for me yet, I have encountered some interesting information about MOOCs.

In this article by Greg Thompson, MOOCs (massive open online course) are talked about as independent study for advanced students, an additional tool for K-12 educators – watch the Scott Garrigan video;

Learning online is changing, almost daily it seems. MOOCs are not as simple as converting an existing course. The “sheer scale …changes key dynamics,” says Michelle Fredett. The student body is different (and not just larger). Assessment changes. Planning is important, as is reacting to the data. Check out the right-hand navigation bar beside this article for additional articles about MOOCs.

My youngest is about to finish college. After 2 on-campus experiences she switched to e-learning . This allows her to work full-time and go to school. And according to the data, she is not alone. “The number of college students taking at least one online course nearly doubled, from 23 percent to 45, over the last five years according to the 2013 College Explorer, a new report from market research company re:fuel. Students taking online courses are also enrolled in an average of two per term, according to the report.” (She is taking 3 each term.) The data in this article (below the fold) is pretty interesting and makes me wonder what it looks like for high schoolers, teachers, principals…


Comments on: "e-Learning: MOOCs & college students taking online courses" (2)

  1. Katheryn Keyes said:

    At my school we have a student who at the end of his freshman year had already taken the highest math courses we offered. He is one of those outliers.
    For his sophomore year we tried to enroll him into a course (differential equations) at CU but they did not accommodate for his 504 and the course was taught by a TA. The student and family were less that enthused with this option. So we went with a open source course through MIT. The student had an amazing experience and was able to be “taught” by some of our nations leading professors. We did it as an “independent study.”

    Interestingly, there is some resistance to this kind of problem solving. It makes some people uncomfortable when they can’t control the learning.

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