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Found this list of 14 Books to Read before They Hit the Big Screen. I’ve read Ender’s Game with my daughters and can’t wait to see Pong on the big screen. My eldest (27) and I discussed last week if we wanted to read The Mortal Instruments first or see it and she voted for see (which is not her normal response). The past week I have seen the trailers for The Wolf of Wall Street twice and I am unsure where that one is on my “to see list.” This post is making me consider reading it first. The Book Thief I did read this past year and was thoroughly intrigued by the style. It will be interesting to see the film version. The other 10 are new to me and I can’t wait…for either the book or the movie.

This weekend I saw Lee Daniel’s The Butler. If I was in a history (American or African) or social studies (sociology, geography, anthropology) class right now, I would be using this movie from several angles. Having lived in Alabama from the mid 60’s to the mid-80’s, I experienced some of this. But watching the snippets of leaders’ evolving thinking portrayed in the film was fascinating…and now I want to read the book, just to see what liberties might have been taken.




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