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In Education News…

In California, a bill was introduced that would allow massive open online courses (MOOCs) to offer courses for credit to public college and university students in the state.

Plagiarism isn’t new. Some say technology has made it easier (i.e. copy/paste). Technology may also offer some ways to check the rise of plagiarism. One of my favorites is plagscan.com – easy to use and color-coded. In a Campus Technology article, Dian Schaffhaouser cites John Moravec as saying, “We need to give credit where credit is due.” One thing I notice in professional learning opportunities is that it is not always students in the classroom not giving credit but sometimes those teaching. Blackboard now has an “Originality” button.

Danae Quirk Door talks about flipping her chemistry classroom at Minnesota State University and the data she collected from both her flipped class and her traditional class. It seems that digital tools empowered all four learning styles – practical, logical, imaginative, and enthusiastic. Danae also provides a nice outline of the format she used.

With the introduction in the Senate of the new bill to reauthorize NCLB, there is a move away from the 2012 bipartisan effort. There are 7 key pieces to this new proposal, three of which include:

  • States could use a series of formative assessments rather than a single summative test
  • States could develop goals that include both student achievement and growth
  • A move from four to five improvement models

Check out the blog by Alyson Klein. And here is another take on the topic from Fox News.

If you are interested in staying current with news about the Common Core, you may want to check out ASCD’s Core Connection e-newsletter.

In a recent blog, Salome Thomas-EL (Principal EL) poses this question – So how do we develop the kind of culture in our schools that supports the change needed to develop high expectations for all kids who become resilient and successful? He offers strong ideas about transforming the school culture, which include the addition of chess and problem solving for grades 3-5. What are some ideas you have to respond to Thomas’ question?



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