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  • For several years now, I have followed Nathan Yau‘s blog, Flowing Data. I own the first book and find his posts both intriguing and inspiring. Recently he shared a couple of intriguing connections.  If you are teaching solar system, distance, space flight, etc. this graphic definitely makes a point for visual learners. Make sure  you let it run to the end…and read the comments along the way. He also shared an interview with Amanda Cox from The New York Times on visualization, some of the skills required, and where the field is headed. I like this tidbit on design: Click through everything – the link in the interview, the blogs at the end of the interview, it is all interesting. In particular the data visualization done by Churchill’s team with string during the war was intriguing.
  • HERE has all kinds of data – driving directions, 3d maps of cities around the world – a wide variety of beauty in maps.
  • And if you missed either of the first two episodes of The Numbers Game (National Geographic), you may want to go back and catch them. While I’ve done data dives with educators for years, I am positive none of them are like those of Jake Porway (and I would love to attend one of his). Check out his organization, DataKind, and learn how and why they work to bring data scientists and high impact social organizations together to interact with data.

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