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Books by colleagues

Three former colleagues have books that I can’t wait to read –

Patrick Lowenthal, Joni Dunlap (both were, at one time, at the University of Colorado Denver), have written Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning: Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Support the Development of Lifelong Learning Skills. From the abstract –”Given ever-changing societal and professional demands, lifelong learning is recognized as a critical educational goal. With postsecondary students’ increased demand for online learning opportunities and programs, postsecondary educators face the challenge of preparing students to be lifelong contributing members of professional communities of practice online and at a distance.”

Copper Stoll, with whom I worked in District 50, I found Re-Awakening the Learner: Creating Learner-Centric, Standards-Driven School. Amazon’s description includes:Transformation of public education requires the reawakening of the sleeping giant in the room: the learners. Students, teachers, and principals must develop a learner-centric, standards-driven school. Reawakening the Learner is a guide to creating just such an environment. Continua describe the journey of teachers, teacher leaders, and principals in partnering with learners. Adult-driven routines must be replaced with learner-centric practices.”

Then there is another colleague whose book I have read and recommend — John McDermott and Stevie Quate (Critical Friends expert) wrote Clock Watcher: Six Steps to Motivating and Engaging Disengaged Students across Content Areas in 2009. It draws on the research about motivation and engagement to increase student achievement. There are many practical ideas for engaging reluctant learners across content areas.


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